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The property Supermarket.

The First of its kind in Africa and Uganda in particular. A market space where one finds the following.

Organized and scrutinized properties on sale

Online presence and 24 hour service

Virtual Tours. Very clear pictures and videos- What you see is what you buy.

Genuine prices not inflated– We do not inflate prices of properties on sale.

Trust is our Business. We are not merchants of properties but merchants of TRUST.

how It works

Due Diligence:

What is Due Diligence?

Due Diligence is an Investigation, audit, or review to confirm facts or details of a matter under consideration. In the real estate world, due diligence requires an examination of the property records or data before entering into a proposed transaction with the seller of the property.

Our research shows that over 90% of the land and property fraud cases are as a result of failure to carry out proper Due Diligence.

We have developed our own Due Diligence Check List

Our Property Supermarket Model bring with it the following:

First Party Information:

Our model gets information from the Owners or sellers of the properties which reduces the chances of Fraud by 100%. 

Our Own Research

Once the owner gives us the information about the property he/she is selling, we also carry out Due Diligence to verify or to confirm the legitimacy of the information given to us. When the information tarries with our findings we then register the property for sale in our Property Supermarket.

Property Listed for Sale:

By the time the property is registered for sale we have confirmed the owner of the property.

Buyer MUST Carry out Due Diligence

The buyer shall also carry out his or her own due diligence. This further reduces the chances of fraud.

Buyer Meets Seller

Physical Meeting:

Here the buyer will meet the seller of the property in an organized and safe environment at our Property Supermarket offices. 

Virtual Meeting

The buyer and the seller use our platform to meet and agree on the terms of the sale.

This is mostly created for the buyers who are abroad who have suffered at the hands of fraudulent relatives, friends and fake agents.